To better foster
their growth

We keep track of
their roots

Jeune rat burmese dumbo rex
Carte d'identité

Individual records

  • Unique identifier
  • Printable pedigrees
  • Origin traceability
Arbre généalogique

Bloodline follow-up

  • Litter records
  • Family trees
  • Tools for breeders
Graphique santé

Population monitoring

  • Health surveillance
  • Demographic statistics
  • Epidemiological statistics

Free and open for everyone

Regardless of their origin: pet store, private owner, rattery, lab, rescue... all rats can be registered. Whether you are a breeder or a pet owner, you can register them for free.

All your data, all your memories are stored without any time limit and remain accessible anywhere, anytime.

For the sake of the species

The collected information helps monitoring rat health and mortality, and contributes to generating automatic statistics.

Centralizing information assists studs in their breeding and selection programmes; preserving ancestry aids in controlling the inbreeding within the livestock.