What’s new

The latest updates of LORD app, from the project launch until today.

April 2024 – Version 2.2.0

All features missing in V1 and added in V2. Come and see!

  • Age in months. No need to count on your fingers: the age of rats is directly calculated from the dates, and rounded to the nearest month.
  • Automatic checks. Say goodbye to typos! During registration, we immediately check the consistency of your data and guide you to correct them on the spot if an error is detected.
  • Backups. Don’t be afraid of a mishap. All your records are automatically backed up.
  • Double prefix. In the case of a collaborative litter, all participating ratteries are registered in the litter record and the first two give their prefix to the kittens. Dads finally recognized!
  • Editing rights for breeders. To facilitate litter follow-ups, records can be updated by their creator, owner, or any rattery that contributed to the birth of the rat.
  • Inbreeding coefficient. No more lousy software and endless online data entry. LORD calculates all inbreeding indicators for you and displays common ancestors in color on pedigrees.
  • Interactive pedigree. Wander through the family tree of your rats, without generation limits.
  • Internationalization. LORD is 99% bilingual in French and English, and ready to integrate other languages.
  • Litter simulator. Need to edit a family tree or calculate inbreeding for a project that hasn’t yet materialized? It’s possible!
  • Mobile version. No need to turn on the computer! V2 adapts to your screen on tablet and smartphone.
  • Password reset. Forgot your password? No need to go through a volunteer, an automatic procedure allows you to receive a reset link by email.
  • Photo resizing. No need to struggle with your photos to fit within the 50 kb limit: LORD automatically resizes and compresses your photos when you upload them.
  • Registering rats in a litter. Create the litter once and for all and add the rats. You will never need to copy the names of the parents 15 times again!
  • Revised causes of death. Tumor yes, but where? Improve the tracking of your litters with a more complete list of options when recording deaths.
— Created on 21/04/2023. Last modified on 20/03/2024.