The LORD team is entirely made up of volunteers who perform various roles, here is the list. Do you have some time to dedicate to LORD and want to join its team? Get in touch with us, we always need extra hands and will welcome you with open arms!


Administrators (in French: responsables) have extensive configuration and administrative powers over LORD, and have direct access to the server and its database. The administrator privileges allow them to act on all records, including certified and invalid records, restore backups, permanently delete records, lock or unlock accounts, merge two accounts, and perform any other operation on data.

Administrators : Artefact, Petit Ange


Staff members form the largest battalion of the team in terms of moderation, handling the daily validation of records and requests from owners. They can edit the records of other members, except for certified and invalid records. Administrators are also member of the staff.

Gestionnaires : Loulouteratoune, Senalina


The other volunteers complement the team by providing targeted or occasional assistance, such as forwarding records to LORD’s back-office for staff intervention, or to complete the site’s documentation. Volunteers do not have access to members’ personal information.

Bénévoles : Bellefeegore, Tani

Note: We remind you that no member of the volunteer team, even if authorized to access your personal information, can access your password. It is protected by an irreversible cryptographic technique.

— Created on 21/04/2023. Last modified on 10/04/2024.