LPM-ETC Hoshii ♂ †


Identifier LPM17894M
Name Hoshii
Pup name
Birth date Sunday, July 6, 2008
Sex Male
Owner Theoraux


Birth place LPM – Les Ptites Mules (ex Saharat)
Dam IND Bétadine † (20 months)
Sire ETC Balthazar † (24 months)
Genealogy See birth litter sheet (parents and siblings)
See interactive family tree (all direct ascendants and descendants)
See family report (family size and lifespan statistics)


Variety Dove berkshire standard double-rex
Color Dove
Dilution No dilution
Marking Berkshire
Earset Standard
Coat Double-rex
Eyecolor Black
Singularities None


Is alive? No
Age at death 25 months
Death date 26/07/2010
Death category Other
Death cause Undetermined infection or abscess
Euthanized? Not Available
Diagnosed by vet? Not Available
Post-mortem analyses? Not Available

Bred litters

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