FCB-DGM Vannie ♀ †


Identifier FCB32609F
Name Vannie
Pup name
Birth date Saturday, June 18, 2011
Sex Female
Owner Carol-Ann


Birth place FCB – Raterie de la Fée Ca-Rat-Bosse
Dam ATR Nancy † (19 months)
Sire DGM Spirit † (– ?? –)
Genealogy See birth litter sheet (parents and siblings)
See interactive family tree (all direct ascendants and descendants)
See family report (family size and lifespan statistics)


Variety Siamese black standard rex
Color Black
Dilution Siamese
Marking Irish
Earset Standard
Coat Rex
Eyecolor Red
Singularities None


Is alive? No
Age at death 27 months
Death date 23/09/2013
Death category Unknown cause
Death cause Undetermined cause (known date)
Euthanized? Not Available
Diagnosed by vet? Not Available
Post-mortem analyses? Not Available

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