RSH Kazue ♀ †


Identifier RSH49199F
Name Kazue
Pup name
Birth date Thursday, June 9, 2016
Sex Female
Owner Shita


Birth place RSH – Shita
Dam RSH Isten † (32 months)
Sire ETR-RSH Lola's Amazing † (28 months)
Genealogy See birth litter sheet (parents and siblings)
See interactive family tree (all direct ascendants and descendants)
See family report (family size and lifespan statistics)


Variety Siamese burmese chocolate standard straight
Color Chocolate
Dilution Siamese burmese
Marking Berkshire
Earset Standard
Coat Straight
Eyecolor Black
Singularities None


Is alive? No
Age at death 36 months
Death date 12/06/2019
Death category Old age, natural death (from 24 month old minimum)
Death cause Not Available
Euthanized? Not Available
Diagnosed by vet? Not Available
Post-mortem analyses? Not Available


Eleveur: raterie Shita
Propriétaire: raterie Shita

Lola’s Amazing (ETR49198M)
Noir blackeyedhimalayan berkshire
05/11/2014 - 00/00/2017

Shita’s Isten (RSH49191F)
Bleu russe burmese siamois berkshire
09/09/2015 - 28/04/2018

Généalogie: http://www.rattenstambomen.nl/public/rat/shita-s-kazue/stamboom

Plus d’informations sur la litière: http://www.ratteryshita.nl/k-nest.html

En Show:
Rian van Andel Memorial 2018 - 1ère place Burmese
RatFest 2016 - 2ème place Burmese
RatFest 2016 - 3ème place meilleure jeune femelle
RatFest 2016 - 4ème place 4ème place Marqué

Variety changed: Kazue is genetic chocolate burmese siamese (instead of black burmese siamese)
Linebreeding to her resulted in multiple chocolate-based C-locus varieties.
Her children that were bred (5 litters / 50 babies in total) all gave chocolates in their litters.

(genetic code would be: aa bb Be- Bubu chch)

Bred litters

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