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State Identifier Prefix Name Pup Name Owner Sex
INC100F INC Sheena † stella
INC105F INC Cawa † Cawa stella
INC118M INC Tilk chez Maud † Tilk Non inscrit
INC119F INC Yahucta † Non inscrit
INC120M INC Gimli † Non inscrit
INC121F INC Zoe † Zoe Non inscrit
INC125M INC Newton † ariane
INC126F INC Alaska † ariane
INC132F INC Lucky † lulu arche_de_ju
INC134M INC essai † essai Non inscrit
INC136M INC Cajou † stella
INC137F INC Creme † Creme stella
INC138M INC Curacao † stella
INC139M INC Choufleur † stella
INC140M INC Chrome † stella
INC141F INC Cobalt † stella
INC142M INC Ludwig † stella
INC143M INC Quiqui † jean-pierre
INC144F INC Lilou † jean-pierre
INC147F INC Lollipop † ZikL

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