TDC-TRA Lucky ♀ †


Identifier TDC28492F
Name Lucky
Pup name
Birth date Thursday, December 29, 2011
Sex Female
Owner Fairatail


Birth place TDC – latribudescamelias
Dam IND Schweppes † (31 months)
Sire FRT Lauviah † (32 months)
Genealogy See birth litter sheet (parents and siblings)
See interactive family tree (all direct ascendants and descendants)
See family report (family size and lifespan statistics)


Variety Agouti capped headspot standard straight
Color Agouti
Dilution No dilution
Marking Capped
Earset Standard
Coat Straight
Eyecolor Black
Singularities Headspot


Is alive? No
Age at death 24 months
Death date 03/01/2014
Death category Old age, natural death (from 48 month old minimum)
Death cause Not Available
Euthanized? Not Available
Diagnosed by vet? Not Available
Post-mortem analyses? Not Available


Née a la raterie

papa: lauviah bareback étoilé agoutie standard lisse - 600 grammes- 18 mois

Grand père: haziel: bershire agoutie standard lisse ( Mort vieillesse)
grand mère: Leyloo husky a collier mink standard lisse ( mort cause inconnue)

ar grand père paternelle: mushu bareback blazed agoutie standard rex ( mort tumeur testicules)
ar grand mère paternelle: opale, mink unis standard lisse ( mort vieillesse)

ar grand père maternelle: Milka bleu agoutie husky a collier standard lisse ( mort vieillesse)
ar grand père paternelle: sawyer barback étoilé mink dumbo lisse ( mort cause inconnue)

et encore d’autre génération.

les bébés seront sevré le 20 janviers

Réservé a Fairatail

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