DTC-VGP Mauro ♂ †


Identifier DTC42744M
Name Mauro
Pup name Kwiskas Chaton
Birth date Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Sex Male
Owner Non inscrit


Birth place DTC – La Tarte au Citron
Dam DTC Phantom Space Ramen † (28 months)
Sire ETR Citizen Kane † (21 months)
Genealogy See birth litter sheet (parents and siblings)
See interactive family tree (all direct ascendants and descendants)
See family report (family size and lifespan statistics)


Variety Siamese sable agouti dumbo double-rex
Color Agouti
Dilution Siamese sable
Marking Self
Earset Dumbo
Coat Double-rex
Eyecolor Black
Singularities None


Is alive? No
Age at death 13 months
Death date 18/01/2016
Death category Other
Death cause Virus, epidemic outbreak, immune deficiency (SDA, Sendai, Tyzzer...)
Euthanized? Not Available
Diagnosed by vet? Not Available
Post-mortem analyses? Not Available


En hollande chez Ilona - Rattery Razzy

A survécu à l’épidemie de SDA chez la nounou qui le gardait, mais ne s’en est jamais remis

“I am sorry I have to tell you that Marco died today. They both stayed at a friends because of my wedding. She would bring them to me with RatFest (last sunday), but instead she found 4 of her rats dead (my breeds), so stayed home. Yesterday 3 more (also mine) died and today Marco was dead as well… Unfortunately her male group is dead now, she had 7, al died…. “

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